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When you own a franchise, you have marketing restrictions that other small businesses do not, because the statements you make about products, branding, and specials are almost always governed by an agreement with “corporate.”  Of course, you also have marketing opportunities that traditional small businesses lack, because the corporate marketing department focuses on building the brand, while you can focus your advertising efforts on increasing local awareness of your product or location. Obviously, there are pros and cons to the arrangement, and it can be difficult for a business owner to understand how to engage in web marketing for a franchise business while conforming to the terms of the overall operating agreement and without paying for free advertising for other franchise owners. That is where a specialist in franchise web marketing and franchise SEO can help you optimize awareness of your franchise location(s).

Just like having a franchise does not mean you have a cookie-cutter business, having a franchise website does not mean your local website should be a cookie cutter of the corporate website. Each community and each franchise within a community is going to have its own personality. Figuring out SEO for franchises can be a little bit more complicated than simply looking at analytics, especially if the company is a huge one. For these larger businesses, you want to drive traffic to the website, but you also want to drive relevant traffic to the website. How do you do this? By combining local interest with general SEO tactics to tailor the results to that store in that location. For example, the customers that go to the locations are going to know the employees, the community may have its own special days or events that locals and visitors know about and include in search results, or the location may be near other destinations that are popular with locals or tourists. All of this information should be included on a franchise’s information page as a way of setting that franchise apart from other locations.

This type of personalization may seem like an awful lot of trouble, but if your franchise website is identical to other franchise websites, then you run the risk of duplicate content issues, which will not only drive down your search results, but also search results for other franchises in the chain.

We can also help you if you are the corporate owner of a chain of franchises, so that you can help each of your individual franchise owners set up their own web presence with risking diluting your brand through duplicate content on multiple web sites.

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