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Landing Page Design SEOMany customers have been convinced by other web marketing companies that there is a single approach to landing page design and that their landing page should follow this cookie-cutter approach. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are actually a few different basic approaches to landing page design, and which one you choose may depend on the purpose of your targeted marketing campaign and what type of product or service are your marketing.

Furthermore, if your product or service is an innovative one, you may find yourself looking at a completely different type of landing page, based on what you believe will help you grow your customer base. At Shoreline Media, we combine our web marketing expertise with your expertise about your business to help create landing pages that work seamlessly, not only in pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns, but as an overall component of your online media presence. Your landing page expands your brand, reinforcing all of your targeted marketing material.

The first thing to consider when designing your landing page is primary goal.

There are two broad types of landing pages: reference pages and transactional pages. Reference pages provide information to the customer, while transactional pages encourage customers to complete a transaction. For example, a Bariatric surgery advertising weight loss surgery might want a reference landing page geared towards a search engine optimized (SEO) search for “gastric sleeve surgery.” This type of page would give a detailed explanation of the procedure and would provide links that might lead the visitor to a transactional page. A transactional page is geared towards the visitor completing a transaction, whether that transaction is a sale or providing information for a sales lead. For example, a PCP campaign for the same surgeon could land on a transactional page offering cash-pay patients a 10% discount on the surgery and providing a contact form for further information, which generates a lead.

Landing Page Conversion SEO

If you have a transactional landing page, the next thing to consider is your secondary goal.

Lead Generation Landing Pages NJIs your goal to generate leads of potential clients or is your goal to complete a sale as soon as the potential client clicks through to your landing page? While the ultimate goal in either scenario is the conversion of a new customer, how that goal is achieved is going to depend on your business type. Generally, if you are selling an expensive service or product or one that requires a specialist, then you want to generate a lead so that a member of your sales team can make personal contact with the potential customer. However, if you are selling an inexpensive or non-unique product or service that does not require a specialist, you want to lower your bounce rate; you are going to want a transactional page that is geared towards making an immediate sale, because if the visitor leaves and wants to complete a sale later, they may go to any number of sites to do so.

Shoreline Media can help you streamline your landing page design to improve the chances of making a sale from customers arriving at your landing page, increasing your conversion rates.

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