LSEO Local Search Engine Optimization

LSEO – Local Search Engine Optimization

Almost everyone knows what SEO or Search Engine Optimized content is; it is content that is specifically tailored to help you achieve higher rankings in the search results from search engines, most notably Google. What you may not realize is that SEO tailored content is not necessarily going to have the same impact on local search engine results as it would on a broader search, because local results are going to be based on different factors.

A local search is going to combine the same types of algorithms used in a broader search with hallmarks of a local business. What are those hallmarks of a local business? A local phone number and a local address are two of the big indicators that help demonstrate that your business is a local one. Therefore, your internet brand needs to feature those two elements, to consistently associate you with your targeted local area. Do you serve a larger area with several distinct local areas contained within it? One of the tricky things about Local Search Engine Optimization or LSEO is that the physical area that is considered local can vary tremendously depending on your location. For example, the Houston metropolitan area is huge and contains a number of smaller municipalities within it. It is also associated with three distinct area codes. A local search in the Houston area is, by default, going to contain a greater number of responses, at a greater distance, than a search in a smaller metropolitan area. If you serve a large metropolitan area, what smaller regions in that area do you most want to target and do you have phone and/or address information you can use to make your business local to that area?

LSEO Local Search Engine Optimization

Local search results are also more likely to examine your entire internet presence to help evaluate where your business should rank in local search results. What this means is that social media like Facebook can play a significant role in your local search results. It also means that search-engine specific forms of marketing, like Google + profiles, can make a real meaningful difference in your rankings. It is also important to ensure that your internet presence is consistent, because apparent conflicts across different forms of web-based media can actually drive down your rankings.

At Shoreline Media, we understand that for most businesses, Local Search Engine Optimization or LSEO is even more critical than SEO. We will work with your existing web-presence to help you improve local search result rankings, as well as suggest practical things you can do to get organic improvement in your search results.

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